Localization services of Metropolio Vertimai come in handy when your product or services are intended for different countries or audiences in a variety of cultures. Localization is usually required for software, internet websites, advertising campaigns, product manuals and catalogues.Localization extends well beyond simple translation. It uniformly applies relevant locale, document drafting rules, time, date formats and measurement units to a given language. It is very important to adapt various cultural dimensions to the intended environment; for example, individualism and time perception as well as subtle symbolism, colours, the social context and values-without ignoring the legal aspects of their application.At Metropolio Vertimai, we have gathered a team of experienced professionals for localization services – these are not only our best translators, but also advertising managers, technical and layout specialists, advertising agents, copywriters, culture consultants and lawyers. Furthermore, our Quality Control System, together with advanced localization software, available databases and translation memories all contribute to the prompt and high quality service we offer.

Localization is a multistage process; therefore, allow extra time for it well in advance.

For more information on localization, please call us at +370 686 01 002, +370 261 80 69 or e-mail to global@metropolis.lt.

Metropolio Vertimai UAB provides professional translation and related services of the highest quality: simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, translation from/to 80 languages, stylistic, technical and creative editing of texts, localization, desktop publishing, rental of conference equipment and organisation of events.